Krisztián Hofstädter

pint of science

23 April 2016
tags: video, music, exhibition, programming

I made music video for a Pint of Science event at Cambridge. The idea is to reflect on addiction, in this case my caffeine addiction.

The exhibited music video titled ‘compulsive music waves’ is my reflection to Dr David Belin’s work on addictions. Sometimes I feel addicted to a certain type of tea and monotone music. The music was composed with an algorithmic sequencer develop for a Brain Computer Music Interfacing project. The video records a morning tea ceremony with a mobile phone held with a goose-neck phone holder twisted around my neck.

More info on Pint of Science, Cambridge here. Screen-recording of the composition process can be seen here.

credits: Jonathan Noel (poem), Chen Xi (drawing), Kelcy Davenport (photo below)

tools: SuperCollider, Logic, iPhone 5S, Adobe Premier